William Hesseldahl is a designer and art director living and working in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Spanning the diciplines of design, art, art direction, research and writing, his work is often concerned with how a technologically permeated life changes our relationship to ourselves and our surroundings. Show More

Making Sense
BFA Thesis Project

The limits of our consciousness are bound to be defined by our sensory experiences. Our perception, conception and even imagination will remain limited to the confinements of our senses. What if there is a way to expand our sensory experience? Could we then step through the doors of perception and discover new territory within our own consciousness?

The Making Sense project is about creating a prototype for a new sensory experience—the experience of ones own cognitive processes. This project combines new research from the field of neurofeedback with the field of sensory substitution and addition.

The Making Sense book is a theoretical framework for the exhibiton, showcasing the Making Sense project at Beckmans College of Design.

Book published in May 2015 by
Beckmans College of Design
Brahegatan 10
114 37, Stockholm

Printed and bound at Digaloo
135×250 mm
Inlay on 125 gsm Scandia 2000 natural white & cover on 300 gsm natural white
Edition of 150

Poster/flyer riso printed on 140 gsm offset stock

Download the Ouroborus font

Beckmans Fashion Collaboration
Identity, Fashion Show & Exhibition

Fourteen fashion students from Beckmans College of Design were invited to create a personal contribution to one of seven leading fashion brands on the Swedish fashion scene – Carin Wester, Cheap Monday, House of Dagmar, Filippa K, Our Legacy, Whyred and Örjan Andersson.

Beckmans fashion shows are usually appreciated due to their unconventional, artistic and bold expression, putting them in stark contrast to the other retail oriented fashion shows on the Swedish fashion week. To give the Beckmans show a unique profile, we chose this quality as the conceptual framework for the design.

The students were asked to define their collections in a scentence starting with "This is not...". These sentences were then printed on cloth banners and hung on either side of the catwalk to create an ambiance during the seating and after the show.

Runway show at Berns Salonger during Stockholm Fashion Week in January 2015
Exhibition at Aplace 5 – 19 February 2015

Digital offset hybrid printing by Vitt Grafiska
Folder printed on 250 gsm Gallery Art Matte
Pamphlet printed on 150 gsm Skandia Natural White

In collaboration with Agga Stage, Johanna Burai, Maximillian George & Tobias Ohlström

Photography by Ninja Hanna

Watch the entire fashion show

Journey of Voices
Exhibition at BACC

Artist Phil America approached me and Simon Jung Krestesen to create the identity for his solo exhibition Journey of Voices at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC). The works centered around giving voice to migrant workers’ experiences living and working in Thailand’s fishing communities and the issues they face coming into the country.

The design programme centered around the allegory of the ghost net–fishing nets that have been lost in the ocean by fishermen. Using 3D–simulations, we created multiple unique posters, flyers and banners with individual ghost nets.

As the most important information needed to be displayed in both English and Thai, we created a simple yet effective typographic system where the two languages could be displayed together and complement each other.

The show was held at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), from 16–21 December 2014 in celebration of International Migrants Day on 18 December

With support from Saphan Siang, World Vision, ILO, United Nations ESCAP, United States Department of Labor and others

Phil America (b. 1983) is a NYC and California-raised artist. He has lived throughout the US, Europe, Asia and Africa, concentrating on individual moments of freedom, most recently looking at the human relationship with class, gender and race

The Tor Triptych
Installation For a Public Space

The Tor Triptych is an attempt to create a physical space for the deep web.

Even though Deep Web, or the Darknet as it is commonly referred to, plays a huge part in contemporary culture and politics, it is generally seen as a purely disruptive force. Even though it is a powerful tool for journalists and organisations such as Wikileaks, the it is also a haven for illicit drug trade and other questionable activities.

The Tor Triptych is used in a public space to screen off a corner. Behind the screen, the visitor can access a Wifi-network via a custom built router with instant access to the Tor Network. The screen physically mirrors the virtual properties of the Tor-network, as the visitor is shielded from prying eyes.

Physical images are coming soon

Each panel is UV-printed on glass and mounted to form a folding screen

Each panel measures 2000×1000mm

Bolon's Silence Collection
Exhibition Catalogue

Catalogue, art direction and exhibition concept for Swedish carpet manufacturer Bolon's launching of their collection Silence at Furniture Fair, Stockholm 2014.

Bolon's collaboration with Swedish choreographer Alexander Ekman and the help of design bureau Cray Collective, made the conditions for the launching of the carpet starting to look more like a show than a showroom. Working from that outset, bringing together Silence with the world of showbiz, the result was a suggestive and minimalistic exhibition identity.

By using tickets, light boxes, scenography inspired interiors and meta-manuscripts describing the guests actions at the opening night, the aim was to lift Bolon's exhibition up from the ordinary showroom-situation of the furniture fair and into the suggestive world of show business.

Exhibition held in Februari 2014 at Snickarbacken 7

In collaboration with Maximillian George, Sara Rutberg, Nathalie Hallman and Cray Collective.

Catalogue riso printed at PEOW studio / Cover printed on 200 gsm Scandia White / Inlay printed on 115 gsm Cyclus Offset

Tickets printed and perforated at Lilla Tryckeriet

Visit the campaign website

Contemporary Pewter Soldier

There is almost something nostalgic about giving children toy soldiers for christmas. Rarely do parents reflect upon the implications of letting children reenact war in play. War toys often act as simplified cultural artefacts, allowing a desensitisation to violence and militaristic values. Yet, the reproduced image of the soldier seems to be somewhat frozen in time, giving a distorted image of what contemporary warfare actually looks like.

The cast pewter soldier is perhaps one of the most anachronistic and yet iconoclastic war toys there is. GI-Jenny is cast the same way traditional pewter soldiers are, but depicts a young girl with bombs strapped to her chest — a new kind of soldier recently used by terrorist groups in Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan among others.

Created during a workshop in December 2012 where the goal was to take a conventional and boring christmas present and create a contemporary take on it.

Edition of 7 / 65% lead, 35% pewter / Contact me if you wish to purchase one

Identity & Product Design

In 2015, Filip Friedrich and Nils Wikland joined forces with one simple ambition in mind – to create the best horn loudspeaker systems in the world. They needed an identity and design that matched their ambition in audio engineering. Me and Maximillian George teamed up to work on the graphic material and the Riemann product line.

One aspect that makes the Friedrich–Wikland speaker systems unique is that they are fine tuned to meet the acoustic conditions of the room or the venue they are installed in. The logotype is a combination of the tuning fork and the horn, which summarized the business perfectly.

Insted of using cryptic language when reffereing to different units, we simply called the two speakers the Riemann Head and the Riemann Body.

More images coming soon!

Riemann Head: W:500mm / H: 500mm / D: 590mm

Riemann Body: W: 500mm / H: 680mm / D: 550mm

All Riemann systems are powder coated in monochrome. Each system can be coated in a custom color to fit their new home. For more info on how to purchase the product, please send an email to possibilites@friedrichwikland.com

Website coming soon!

Levande Charader
Various Posters

I had the pleasure of working with one of of Stockholms best underground clubs, Levande Charader, known for a series of ambitious outdoor rave parties. The collaboration has spawned several ongoing projects in the Stockholm music scene.

Selection of posters created in 2013

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The Fish
Blood Donation in Sweden

Cinematic ad produced in an effort to raise awareness of blood shortage in the Stockholm region. With no budget and a difficult topic at hand, we chose to display the problem in an allegorical manner.

Copy Translation: "Giving blood saves lives" "Stockholm needs 20 000 new blood donors"

Comissioned by The Swedish Blood Centre in 2013

Direction, Story and Art Direction: William Hesseldahl, Nathalie Hallman, Maximillian George, Johanna Burai
DoP: Linus Rosenqvist
Editing: Mauri Chifflét
Sound design: Jakob Myrman
Post production: Jordi Vadrí

Awarded silver in Kolla! 2014